Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduates Unemployment : A Look Among Public Universities in Malaysia

Malaysian Higher Education is currently facing a big challenge when "some" of the graduates produced by Local Public Universities in Malaysia are unemployed. In this first section, i only interested to focus on the statistics and facts published by

The following are the two important figures that i believe would attract our attention and interest to discuss on.

In particular, the following figures and statistics will show us the reality of unemployment among graduates in Malaysia from the "field of study" perspectives. The breakdown according to job sector showed ICT with the highest number of unemployed graduates with 3,942 (19.5%) yet to find jobs.

This is followed by

  • Business Administration with 2,714 (13.4%)
  • Accountancy 1,923 (9.5%)
  • Electric/Electronic and Telecommunication engineers 1,229 (6.1%)
  • Human Resources Management 1,022 (5.1%)
  • Civil Engineers 983 (4.9%)
  • Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineers 884 (4.4%)
  • Literature Social Science 843 (4.2%)
  • Pure Science 770 (3.8%)
  • Financial/banking/insurance/investment/property 613 (3%)
  • Office technology Management/Information management/Library Management 552 (2.7%)
  • Architecture/Building/Quantity Surveying/ land surveying 540 (2.7%)
  • Applied Science 533 (2.6%)
  • Economy 440 (2.2%)
  • Agriculture/Forestry, Fisheries/Environment 401 (2%)
  • Others 2,828 (13.9%)

I dont want to comment anything but i believed that, as a teacher or lecturer these statistics will surely make us worried. It is also wiser for us to share these reality with our students. Here, i sincerely welcome any opinions from readers, teachers, lecturers and friends. The focus would be the hidden factors behind this problem.

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